About Us

Many, many furballs ago I got my first 4x4 vehicle. I also had a dog in my life. I really enjoyed doing what my 4x4 was made to do: go off-road and my relationship with my dog grew with him tagging along.

I was on all the online 4x4 forums because as we all know it, 4x4s are money pits and we love browsing the forums to learn “what that guy did” and “will this fit?” because our mod lists keep growing and growing. One thing I noticed was there was no dedicated online community for users to showcase their adventures with Fido. (Yes, driveway and mall adventures count, too). Lucky for me I was a sophomore in college and somewhat hip, and this crazy new app called Instagram was becoming popular. 

I made an Instagram account dedicated to users to show off their rigs and their dogs. Little did I know this thing would catch steam and blow up. Through roughly seven years of non-stop hard work I was able to create a community of over 70,000 followers at its peak. 

Like all things in life, we have to make choices. We decided to start gearing the page towards the on the road dog lover. This is the human who always has Fido in the back seat no matter where they go: Moab, Grand Teton, your local park, Rt. 66, or even Kroger. What does this human need to make their trips even more memorable and successful? The proper gear. That’s where Wooftreads comes in.

Wooftreads is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality outdoor products for your dog to ensure every adventure goes smoothly. We’re also dedicated to good causes too! All of our suppliers support social or environmental causes through their profits. And so do we! A portion of all proceeds go to a local shelter or charity. You can be confident in knowing that when you support us, you’re supporting your community. 

At Wooftreads, the roads and trails may end but the adventure never does. Leash up and buckle up as we embark (pun definitely intended) on the next part of our journey.