These Adventurous Dogs Are Living the Overlander's Dream

Welcome back! If you're reading this you made it back safe and sound from last month's adventure with Shadow, congrats! In case you missed it, you can catch up here
This month we're going to put the spotlight on another Instagram user. This time we're showcasing @canineoverland who happens to have a pretty cool pack of pups, a sweet Jeep, and even cooler photos to prove it. Let's get started!
WT: What are your dogs' names and their breeds?

CO: Charlie - Yorkie / Goomba - Chihuahua Mix / Lilo - Pitbull German Shepard Mix / Stitch - Pitbull German Shepard Mix

WT: How did the dogs become a part of the family?

CO: Charlie is my girlfriends dog he came into her life after her dog Spike passed away in an unfortunate accident. / Goomba was rescued from a backyard breeder / Lilo and Stitch were found in a box on the side of the street at 9 weeks old. 

WT: What inspired you or led you to start taking your pups out with you on your outings? 
CO: Kat and I used to backpack and hike a lot then we stopped for a bit up until Lilo and Stitch came into our lives. We took them off-roading for the first time when it was snowing and seeing how much they loved it out there made us want to do it more often. 
WT: Where are some of your favorite places to take the dogs?
CO: One of our most favorite places is Thomas Mountain because that was one of the first place we took the pups out for an adventure. There’s something about being up in high elevation surrounded by trees and huge meadows for them to run around in.
WT: What's the most memorable time you've had while out with the dogs?
CO: Our most memorable moments would have to be back in 2018 way before we had got into overlanding. I competed in Powerlifting Competitions and that year I got to compete in Worlds in Las Vegas. So we rented a Chevy Traverse to explorer after my competition. We then realized how well our pups behaved while on our trip through Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. Watching them be dogs and also have great recall while at camp made us want to do this more often.
WT: What is some of your favorite equipment to take out with you?
CO: Our Jeep would be the our #1 equipment it has gotten us to some amazing places.
Next up would be our leashes from Litto Howler it has been a great tool in keeping our pups safe and helped us train our doggos.
WT: If you could only take 3 items with you on an outing, what would they be and why?
CO: Garmin Inreach - to let my family know I’m safe and if anything were to happen I can press the SOS button to call for help.
65qt Rtic Cooler - Can’t go on a trip without this, our cooler carries our food, beers and dog food.
Tembo Tusk Skottle - this has been our favorite tool since after we ditch the stove for the Skottle. Can’t tell you how many gourmet meals we have cooked while at camp.
WT: If the dogs could talk, what would they say about you on the trips?
CO: Probably along the lines of “Thanks Dad for taking us here to run around and for keeping us safe from bears and snakes.”
WT: What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting to go on outings/trips with their dog?
CO: Go prepared, always bring extra food in case you are stranded. Always pack recovery gear and first aid for you and your pups. Lastly, have fun! 
Maybe you're a weekend warrior or someone who spends so much time off the grid you don't know how to navigate paved roads. No matter your preference we hope you find this information useful. 
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